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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

Well first off, let's all relax and allow each poster to have their own opinions on the shows without getting testy at one another.

Yes, TNG season 1 (but not IMHO) season 2 had it problems, with several episodes being quite bad. However, as BillJ pointed out, there's a "fun factor" there while I see Ent as coming off as just tired and dull in seasons 1-2.

And even in season 1 there's still "heart of glory," "110011001," "conspiracy" and "the big goodbye" which showed TNG gaining some footing. I don't think I like any episode of season 1 of ENT as much as any of those episodes.

I'm not influenced by "nostalgia." I'm far too young to have been a fan of TOS when it was in its first-run yet I have always LOVED that show for its adventure, the relationship of the "big three," its (usually) smart stories, etc. It wasn't even ON in re-runs for a long time when I became a Star Trek fan and I used to have to find videotapes of certain episodes and stuff to watch it, and what I saw always made me want to come back for more.

Like BillJ, I'm always in the mood for some TOS or TNG episodes. But Ent? not nearly as much enthusiasm.
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