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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

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On the other hand, we have Precious Cargo, Marauders, Acquisition, Unexpected, Bounty... also really bad, but less fun. Besides, they only manage to be marginally offensive to women, while the above mentioned TNG episodes manage to genuinely offend women, black people, Irish people, and 20th century humans in general.
See I'd rather a show actually have the balls to offend people than to be so bland that they put me to sleep. YMMV.
I think you got TNG mixed up with South Park...

Unfortunately, in the case of TNG S1&2, it wasn't about having balls, it was about lacking brains. They weren't trying to offend anyone, on the contrary, they were trying to be as politically correct as possible (check out the 'drugs are bad, mkay?" speech by Tasha in "Symbiosis")... The offensiveness was a product of sheer stupidity. I bet they thought they were making a very deep statement about gender politics in "Angel One" and apparently Maurice Hurley thought it would be cool if the dumb breeding stock immigrants in "Up the Long Ladder" were Irish like himself, i.e. dreadful Irish stereotypes...
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