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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I would say that I consider myself a TNG fan... with reservations.

I am primarily a TOS guy, but I don't really go for the whole "TOS AWESOME! OTHER TREK SUCK!" kind of business.

I was underwhelmed by TNG in the first two seasons. Pleasantly surprised with its improvements over the next three, and largely missed the last two seasons due to military service, but did catch the series finale.

I like most of the TNG characters. I was very unimpressed that Picard's first real act as Captain was to surrender his vessel in Encounter at Farpoint, although I understand why he did it. He certainly redeemed himself over the course of the series in my eyes, and obviously Patrick Stewart is a world-class actor. I think (post-season two) that TNG really only dropped the ball twice. Once in Chain of Command. I think they did the crew of the Enterprise a serious disservice in that one. Really showed the crew to be uncharacteristically whiny and unprofessional. I do not think that was their intent, though. And the other time was letting Picard survive in Best of Both Worlds. Although I had really come to like and respect Picard by that time, I think letting him live was a bad move for two reasons. First, it established that some people could be "saved" from Borg assimilation. I think this was a mistake because it "weakened" the Borg as an enemy. I think they should have stuck to "once assimilated, you're gone forever". Second, I think it would have shown some serious creative courage to take the risk of doing away with the main character. I think Riker would have been a fine Captain in Picard's absence.

Apart from that, I do count myself as a TNG fan.

Just don't get me started on why I refuse to watch more of Voyager than I have already seen.
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