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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Hi Kes!

Sorry been so long since I posted a comment (I have gotten up to date on my comments on adastra as well, if you want to check them out) but I'm glad this was the chapter I got back in the saddle for!

Icheb seems to be doing some of the growing up that he needs to do, opening up to the people around him and giving them access. Notably Doctor Bashir. I'm a huge Julian fan, and it was nice to see him here as the mentor figure, offering some sage advice to this younger man in the affairs of love and loss. Our resident Borg has a little bit of an awakening, as Bashir helps him to see that drawing away from Maren may not have been the best idea. The good doctor and the captain make a good team (no I'm not looking to start an Adele-Bashir shipper group, I'm just saying! )

Lakwa's POV was heart rending, giving us a glimpse of the sort of damage the Borg Resistance awakening inflicted on the collective and on the individual Borg. I'm not sure if the fact that the Resistance is based around the Unimatrix Zero mutation was already clear, I think it was but I can't be sure, but it jumped out at me because I was just watching the VOY episodes where Unimatrix Zero makes its first appearance. Either way, you did a great job of painting this picture of her and she comes across as an intriguing, attaching character.

And now Tesseract has reached the spot where the Sol and the Luna should have been. How long is it going to take to find them? Will Icheb be faced with more heartache as JQ's situation deteriorates?

Can't wait for more!!!
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