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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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I agree with your overall point, i.e. Marco's final Trek novels (the post-Destiny VOY duology IIRC) have been the last truly amazing novels in the last couple of years (excluding Mack's Sorrows of Empires and the Vanguard series).

It's not that there weren't any good novels, but not anything special, at least IMO.

As for your last point, are you referring to the Trek universe or real-world editorial and publishing issues?
Sorry that wasn't clearer; I just meant that people were complaining about the authors, and it seemed to me like it might be the editorial leadership as a whole rather than the authors individually.

I've read a little over 200 Trek books in the past couple years (what can I say? When I obsess I obsess...) and just for fun I averaged all the ones Marco edited and all the ones he didn't, and his books averaged about 20% better ratings from me. And that's with me reading ALL of his editorial output, and only reading the best of everyone else's.

Don't get me wrong, there were PLENTY of GREAT books without him and I'm sure there will continue to be in the future. I'm hugely looking forward to most of the books coming this year, I think a lot of them have a ton of potential. But what's the phrase, a rising tide lifts all ships? Marco was a hell of a rising tide.
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