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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

"I'm willing to overlook dated effects and some cheesiness"
Exactly. You are willing to overlook it because you're a TOS/TNG fan.
A casual viewer will not be so indulgent.

"ENT limped along for the first couple seasons on one-note recycled plots"
Many of Ent's first 2 seasons plots have, indeed, similarities with plots from TOS and TNG.
If Ent's plots are "one-note recycled plots", then TOS's, TNG's plots are equally "one-note recycled" from the perspective of a new viewer who will look at the shows today, NOT 30 years ago.

Have you even looked recently at the 2 first seasons of TNG? At the last season of TOS? This, while trying to put down the nostagia/fan-of-the-show glasses?

Most episodes, sonak, are unwatchable. They're not even 'so bad they're good'. They're just bad.
Nowhere in its course does Ent even approach that level of awfulness.
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