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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

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I'm a long time fan of Star Trek and was surprised how much criticism the latest film got. Especially with what has come out of the franchise in the last few years. So I decided to write this as a counter to all the hate pages.

This film got very little criticism.

I didnt like it but I was surprised that many fans liked it as much as they did. Some are hardcore fans and others are not and some in the middle. From reading this forum and others during the last year or so, Im find it funny that some of the same people like this film even though it has some of the same elements they hated Enterprise and Nemesis for.(overdone special effects, prequel idea, characters acting out of character, ugly ship design etc. etc.)

Plus im surprised that many DO find much wrong with the film but like it anyways.

To each his own though. For me Trek is dead for now, but for many others this film has given it a new life.(which Im sure wont last nearly as long as the prime continuity)
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