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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

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Nothing in Trek is as bad as TNG season 1.
*cough* "Threshold" *cough*
Yes, there are individual episodes that are as bad. But you can't find a season nearly as bad as TNG S1.

In fact, only TNG S2 comes close (saved by a few gems like "The Measure of a Man").

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So yes, ENT seasons 3-4 may be marginally better overall than TNG season 1
Eh?! ENT seasons 1-2 are way better than TNG season 1. TNG season 1 is by far the worst season of any Trek ever. ENT seasons 3-4, on the other hand, are very good and can be compared with any season of Trek.

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Nothing in Trek is as bad as TNG season 1. And season 2 isn't much better.
I would rather watch Angel One and Justice for 24 hours straight than be subjected to Imaginary Friend, Rascals or Sub Rosa one more time.
Well, maybe you have a point - Angel One and Justice have the cheese factor going for them, in the "so bad they're good" kind of way. You may also throw in Code of Honor, The Last Outpost, The Neutral Zone, plus The Outrageous Okona and Up the Long Ladder from S2.

On the other hand, we have Precious Cargo, Marauders, Acquisition, Unexpected, Bounty... also really bad, but less fun. Besides, they only manage to be marginally offensive to women, while the above mentioned TNG episodes manage to genuinely offend women, black people, Irish people, and 20th century humans in general.
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