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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

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"Time context matters. Special effects advancement matters."

Yes, sonak, there are good reasons for TOS/TNG/other older shows to have a 'no consequences' format, to have poor special effects, to have too much cheese, formulaic problem solving, etc.
This does not change the fact that they are so.
And the comparison between TOS/TNG and Ent/other newer shows is not about fairness. It's about determining which are the better shows from the perspective of a 2010 viewer.

Well, I wasn't saying those shows were INFERIOR for having those problems stemming from the context of when they were made. Far from it-I'd still take TOS of the 1960s, and TNG of the 1980s, unaltered, unremastered, and in all of their awesomeness over ENT any day.

I was just saying that issues like special effects and episodic formats are natural results of their time. I'm willing to overlook dated effects and some cheesiness because TOS and TNG had great characters, great stories, and they don't feel tired and worn out the way ENT did as it limped along for the first couple seasons on one-note recycled plots until it got some spark in it the last couple of seasons.
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