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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

The episodic criticism gets tossed at TNG a lot, but this is an example of having expectations of a past show that are based on a current cultural context. Basically, very few shows were serialized like so many are these days. And TOS, which TNG was a sequel to, was also episodic in format. It would've been unrealistic for TNG to approach storytelling like DS9 did.

Yes, apart from the Worf-honor-restoration arc and some one-or -two-episode follow-ups to other events there were very few long-lasting storylines on TNG. But so what? Individual high quality stories can still be appreciated. Not every episode has to have long term ramifications to Trek canon to be good.

It's like criticizing Twilight Zone or Outer Limits for being anthology series. That's just their format, it's not a strike against them.

Similarly, calling TOS "cheesy" or "boring" just shows that you're judging it by what sci-fi shows in 2010 are like, which is just a pointless exercise. Time context matters. Special effects advancement matters. No doubt you find 1950 movies "unrealistic" for not dealing with sex or swear words in a candid way. Again, this is a silly way to approach older works of literature, media, etc.
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