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Just to be clear, I FULLY understand what M$ is trying to do, they are in business to make money and what better way to make Money then expanding your user base.
True, which is why I'm willing to trust that Microsoft will re-invest at least some of that money into further game development for the console. Branching out isn't just good business sense in order to wrangle a larger audience; it can also be good for creativity by publishing games that might otherwise not have happened. Take Alan Wake as an example. You didn't enjoy it, but at least it tried to be something a little different and stand out, right?

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the 360 is a gaming console first and foremost. it can do other things too, but it's primary focus is playing games.
Not from Microsoft's perspective, hence continuing efforts to branch outward from "simple" gaming.

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MS is not Sony, nor are they Nintendo in terms of first party development.
I think that's a good point. Despite five years of Xbox and five years of Xbox 360, Microsoft is still relatively new to video game consoles compared to Nintendo and Sony. Both of those companies have had a great deal more time to attract and invest in first-party developers than Microsoft has. As time goes on, I imagine Microsoft will continue working to minimize that disparity, but they may need extra revenue generated from new opportunities like the cable television idea and Kinect in order to do so.
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