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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

"Star Trek
wouldn't launch today with 1960's effects."

We're not comparing TOS or TNG as they would be filmed today with Ent; we're comparing TOS and TNG as they are with Ent.

The fact that TOS's, TNG's popularity had more to do with the tv environment during their airing than with their quality is a certainty.
There were a number of recent shows of equal or even superior quality that failed by a really large margin to reach TOS's, TNG's popularity.

BillJ, sonak

"But they were a far and away better product."
"But if you think ENT Seasons 3-4 stack up against TNG seasons 3-6 then.... I guess different tastes and all that, because that's kind of stunning to me."

The only argument you present in support of such affirmations is your 'taste'.

TOS is really old - about half the episodes are too cheesy or just boring;
In parts, TNG hasn't aged well, either - recently, I watched a few of the less 'popular' episodes (which comprise a large part of the show) - cardboard characters, formulaic problem-solving, etc.
Their episodic 'no consequences' format doesn't do them any favours, too, when compared to arc-based space operas.

I stand by my affirmation:
"The first two seasons of TNG are weaker then Ent's fist two seasons; and season 3 and 4 of Ent can compete with every TNG season you care to name."
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