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ah, an adult discusion... sure.

then let's be honest. the 360 is a gaming console first and foremost. it can do other things too, but it's primary focus is playing games.

now if the games being released arent to your liking, fine. but in no way does that change the fact that the system plays games.

if we want to talk about first party games, then we should recognize that MS has never really had a strong first party presence. Halo was their one big first party title. MS is not Sony, nor are they Nintendo in terms of first party development. they tried back with the original xbox, and most of those titles fell flat. so instead they wrangle third parties into making games for them. a far easier, less risky approach (look at how well Rare has turned out)

so third party support... seems like there is plenty. plenty of games, plenty of support.

looking at your list above, most of those games started out this generation. let's not forget this generation is now about 6 years old, so for a game to have it's third iteration in 6 years, it's not too bad at all.

as for what the future holds for games on the 360. i predict there will be plenty of games. but because they are a ways out, and not being advertised right now (for very good reason, you dont want to stop people from buying games that just came out because of some game a year out). next year will see the next Call of Duty, another Bioshock, Gears 3... i am sure there are more.

and let's not forget kinect. just because the games dont interest you, doesnt mean the experience or the hardware are invalid.

my mocking post was mostly, to say "What more do you want?" because honestly, not much has changed over the years. sure the xbox is tapping into new things, but i still dont think it's at the expense of their actual production of games (given their history of console game production).
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