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There really is no need to descend into mocking, darthraidr. I think we're all capable of disagreeing with one another and having a reasonable conversation at the same time.

Having thought about it a little more, I do see where PKerr is coming from with his concern over X360 exclusives. I can't speak to the state of PS3 exclusives (I skimmed the list linked to, but a list of quantity doesn't necessarily reflect quality for any system), but he does have a point that Microsoft seems to have already used up its biggest franchise guns.

Let's look a little more at that, shall we?

  • Halo: Reach - the last installment from Bungie, which means that 343 Industries's first entry is going to be met with extreme scrutiny.
  • Fable 3 - probably won't be the last Fable title, though it may be the last "centerpiece." I'm expecting the next Fable title will likely be a Kinect-oriented game. Another entry in the franchise might also take a backseat to completing Milo and Kate.
  • Alan Wake - was first announced in 2005 and was released this year. I think it's a great game, though I have yet to finish it. I haven't looked up articles about its sales to see if it's likely to receive a sequel.
  • Gears of War 3 - as PKerr pointed out, it was delayed until next year because all of the big titles Microsoft had in the pipeline were released this year and they didn't have anything top tier exclusive scheduled for next year. I'm not a fan of GOW personally, so I could be wrong, but I believe this one is set to be the final installment.
  • Crackdown - I don't get the appeal of these games myself, but with a Bungie-less future for Halo and the possible end of both GOW and Fable, this seems to be the only big franchise exclusive Microsoft has left.
  • Rare - Rare has been "sidelined" to work specifically on Kinect games, which could either result in more "casual" games or possibly even the first "core" Kinect game. I'm expecting it to be the latter, however. I'm sad that the company that gave us Perfect Dark is now a Kinect factory. Of course, maybe that is a good thing, since Rare's Microsoft era has been something of a disappointment.
  • Kinect - the only game I've seen that personally interests me is Children of Eden. THQ claims to be preparing to announce "one core Kinect game soon." Other companies are likely going to wait to see holiday sales figures of Kinect units before they decide whether or not to proceed with Kinect game development.
So, yes, I do see where PKerr is coming from and why he might be simultaneously concerned and disappointed in the future of the Xbox 360. The thing is, though, that Microsoft wants to expand beyond just "core" gamers, and really they have to in order to keep the Xbox brand at the top moving forward, hence ideas like this cable television proposal. I highly doubt that Microsoft is going to forget about gaming (they want this console cycle to last until at least 2015, after all); they have just hit an unfortunate period of time in which all of the "usual suspects" in terms of "big guns" have already hit the shelves or are coming to an end soon. To my way of thinking, that means Microsoft has even more reason to remember that gaming is just as important to the future of the Xbox 360 as all of the other media possibilities they want to expand into.
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