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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

I think seasons 1-2 of TNG get lumped together unfairly. Season 1 is often pretty awkward to watch, but season 2 doesn't have that feel at all. Plus it has episodes like "Q Who," "Time Squared" and "Measure of a Man." And it has the feel of the rest of TNG, with Geordi as chief engineer at that point, Guinan added to the crew, Riker's got the beard, etc. Only the Pulaski thing separates it from the "finished" feel that seasons 3-7 had. Otherwise season 2 TNG does not stick out like a sore thumb like season 1 does.

So yes, ENT seasons 3-4 may be marginally better overall than TNG season 1, but that's comparing the BEST seasons of the FIFTH show of a franchise that had twenty-six television seasons under its belt at that point to the WORST season of the first TREK series in eighteen years, one that was finding its way around. Not a flattering comparison for ENT.

But if you think ENT Seasons 3-4 stack up against TNG seasons 3-6 then.... I guess different tastes and all that, because that's kind of stunning to me.
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