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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

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TOS and TNG aired in a completely different tv envinroment than Ent - far less competition, far less market saturation.
But they were a far and away better product.

If they were launched today, TOS, with its '60 effects and, in part, stories, would not last a season, while TNG, with its sub-par first two seasons, would not see a third.
Today, neither series would spawn anything close to the fanbase they created.
Star Trek wouldn't launch today with 1960's effects, so that is a logical fallacy. Enterprise with it sub-par first two seasons did see a third... so saying that The Next Generation would be canceled after its' first two is another logical fallacy. Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation are so different from anything on TV today it would be impossible to predict how they would perform and what type of fanbase they would garner.

I already said it - the first two seasons of TNG are weaker then Ent's fist two seasons; and season 3 and 4 of Ent can compete with every TNG season you care to name.
Doesn't it stand to reason that Enterprise would have a higher quality? I mean the production staff had only been making Star Trek for 21 seasons at the point that "Broken Bow" premiered. I'm disappointed that the quality of episodes dipped below "All Good Things..." with that much experience behind the camera.

I don't care what series you're a fan of, Star Trek: The Next Generation seasons 3,4 and 5 were not only good Star Trek... they were good TV.
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