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Re: The Dark Knight

I loved the movie until the very end - I was somewhat pissed off coming out of the theatre and I couldnt quite describe why until some time later.

The movie ended. Or rather, it ended 5 seconds too soon. I wanted the big rise in the music to carry on and Batman to shoot out of the tunnels into the gotham night, but that never happened. So to this day, I love the movie but that ending just pisses me off on a subconscious level which boils its way up. I know its a stupid thing to dislike and ruin the movie, but I just think the rest of it is so perfect, I wanted to relish in Batman's sacrifice, I get why it cuts short, and to an extent I agree with it, but it just riles something inside of me for some unexplainable reason.

Still one of the best movies in recent memory though and further solidified why Nolan is one of the best filmmakers of our time.
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