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Re: Twilight Zone may arrive on Blu Ray

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I can't imagine this coming out on blue-ray. If it did, do you know how many folks would hope on it! That would be equavelent to I Love Lucy doing the same. If it ever did....WOW!. I won't hold my hopes up.
I saw Season 2 on Blu-ray at a department store on the weekend. So it's happening.

I'm still curious how the videotaped episodes will be handled (upgraded, left as SD?).

I've decided not to invest, personally, as I already have $200 invested in my DVD box sets of the series (including the one with the spiffy book that came with it) and my plasma makes them look great. But it's nice to see these out in the format so more people can discover them.

I've also seen a new "Fan Favorites" box set of about 15 episodes making the rounds the last couple weeks, but only in DVD. Don't know if they did a BD of that one.

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