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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

This thread by its nature asked for comments on which show to watch. I was pointing out that it was a ridiculous "dilemma" to wonder which to watch. I don't get people who get offended by someone giving an opinion on a Star Trek message board-you didn't think you'd read other people's views when you came here?

Some of my post was tongue-in-cheek. I have watched most of Enterprise's run, and it does improve somewhat in its last two seasons, but I maintain that it's far below TNG-quality.

And while you're right that cancellations don't mean lack of quality, I'd point out that TOS was cancelled BEFORE Star Trek was a phenomenon, and after it became one it was a huge success in reruns, it spawned an animated series and six more films.

I don't think ENT will be in for the same post-initial cancellation success.
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