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Re: Which should I watch? TNG or Enterprise?

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Is this a serious question?

Which should you watch?

One of the greatest and most popular sci-fi shows of all time, that re-launched Star Trek on TV, resulted in a film series, enabled Star Trek to become culturally popular for a while in a way it never had before. A mature, serious show that relied on smart writing and that could probably have gone on for as long as it wanted to? A show worthy of the legacy of TOS.


A show that was so unpopular it limped along for four seasons before becoming the first Trek since TOS to be cancelled. A show that relied on catsuits and tired plots. A show with an incompetent captain and a horribly conceived Vulcan character, and an ignored supporting cast. A show that ran Trek on TV into the ground.

When given the choice between an upscale gourmet restaurant and taco bell(assuming you're not paying) do you usually take a lot of time to consider the choice?
I love ENT, and so do a lot of other people. Different people have different tastes. I may not understand why other people don't like the same TV shows as I do, but I let them watch what they want to watch. You should do the same thing.

Some of your arguments apply to both TOS and ENT. Cancellation doesn't necessarily mean that the show is bad. Besides, you yourself admit that TOS was cancelled as well. And I have the impression that TOS wasn't all that popular at the time it was made either. Popularity is not the same thing as quality.
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