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Re: What made Patrick Stewart so perfect as a starship captain?

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He was an excellant pick for the role of Capt Picard....
Well he actually saved the show from the bad HAMMING of Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis in the first two seasons.
When they mellowed out the show really took off.
Yes, it was the really terrible acting of the supporting cast that allowed him to shine. The worse they were, the more perfect he was.

How many characters could have been recast or even eliminated without harm to the show?

Yar - well, we know the answer to that one...

Crusher? They had another Doc for awhile and the show worked.




You could pretty much rewrite, remix, or eliminate any of the supporting cast and still have had a solid show.
We would have missed Worf, he had some excelling sodes in TNG and gave use a brute force mannlyness to the show especially when he described Klingon flirting.

We SO could have done without WES.
The others weren't so much as bad but holders. They added to show by digits but the acting was at it's best with Picard, Data. But honestly most of us didn't watch TNG for the acting but for the good and great stories.
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