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Re: a la carte programming - TV

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You know, I'd love to pay for a channel in [name you mother tongue here], but I can't get it. Yet.
Due to licensing in various countries it makes it harder to do this kind of thing Internationally. Not impossible but just more complex when you are talking about rolling out a new feature or brand of content.

Microsoft has more than just ESPN3...
In Europe, the company has recently announced a deal with the Canal+ Group in France to stream all their premium channels as well as the CanalSat bouquets via the game console to the TV set.
So far, Microsoft has signed a few TV content deals in the US for its Xbox 360 including a successful offer from Netflix and content from ESPN.

I can see offering various foreign language channels one subscription at a time.

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Other than that, most of us have moved beyond wanting specific channels to wanting specific shows, which we can get either online or on DVD.
Sakrysta this is why I started a thread in Future of Trek [ Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV? ]
about the next Trek TV series possibly not being on a linear TV channel but as a subscription or video-on-demand only... (in 4-6 years...)
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