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Re: a la carte programming - TV

Please explain to me why that would be desirable even?

I have to say I like the old ways better. You know, where some greedy monopolist is dropping several dozen HD channels on me, without even telling me (well, I probably threw away that junk mail) - channels I most likely never ever watch, but who knows, right?

However, I haven't watched Live TV in like seven years now. A la carte means to me that I get to pick what I record and watch whenever I want. Our most recent addition is the new Apple TV. We use those to add our sizable iTunes libraries to the mix, watch more recent movies or TV shows, but right now it's Netflix that seems to have what our Kids want to watch the most.

You know, I'd love to pay for a channel in [name you mother tongue here], but I can't get it. Yet.
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