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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

This was the first episode this season that really got my heart pounding. I dislike some of the ambiguity near the end though. Had Dex/Lumen already cleaned up and left Alex Tilden's place by the time Deb/Quinn got there? I assume once they found the fresh footprint in the grass they would have followed the trail. Or did they set up the killroom somewhere completely away from the house?

Also, really convenient to get Harrison out of the picture....that's the most cooperative nanny I've ever seen.

Nice to finally get some background on Jordan and his crew - makes them a little bit less two-dimensional as villains, which was sorely needed. Stockholm Syndrome Lady was creepy. Overall I'm still enjoying this more than season 3, and am still unsure how it's going to play out, which is a good thing.
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