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Re: Quantum Slipstream V.S. Transwarp

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One doesn't necessarily have to follow the Star Trek Encyclopedia's take on transwarp. It is far more likely, IMO, that "transwarp" is a catch-all term for "faster than current warp capability" ("transwarp drive" never functions the same way every time we see it, anyways) and that Excelsior was succesful, necessitating the warp rescaling before TNG...
To be fair, we don't have to follow the Encyclopedia's take that the warp scale was rescaled before TNG either. Onscreen, neither scale has ever been actually mentioned, much less actually followed (i.e., speed of plot being the general rule).
With the exception of that whole warp 10 thing...

I guess the original Enterprise went past infinite speed a few times?

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basing the next generation of FTL after Warp drive on the Borg's Transwarp Hub is a very flawed idea.
Who's to say that a new type of FTL drive is needed? The Traveller showed us on TNG that a traditional warp drive can do just fine when it's turned up to 11. No need to rebuild the whole fleet from the ground up if traditional warp tech's always improving.

FTL propulsion isn't exactly something you need to totally rework yearly like iPhones or other commercial products...
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