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Xbox TV

From Reuters comes word that Microsoft (perhaps unsurprisingly?) is looking into the possibility of using the Xbox 360 as a cable television box.
The maker of the Windows operating system has proposed a range of possibilities in these early talks including creating a "virtual cable operator" delivered over the Internet for which users pay a monthly fee. [...] Microsoft is also exploring the possibility of creating content silos and selling more individual channels directly such as an HBO or Showtime.
If this led to an "a la carte" situation wherein I could purchase access only to the channels that most interest me, I'd be very interested in trying this out, should it come to fruition. This proposal sounds far more interesting to me than a Google TV or Apple TV, presuming, of course, that any deals Microsoft inks are more along the lines of what this sounds like (a cable tv system all its own), rather than satellite tv + Google/Apple TV.
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