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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

However, for an episode called "Resolutions" there isn't much resolution. I am hoping this experience comes up again as it can't be emotionally healthy for Jane and Chak to go back to the way things were (though from memory, I don't think it does so boo)
Please... Kate and Chak...

I still maintain the title is referring to Kate & Chak's resolution that "What happened on New Earth, stays on New Earth." Not that the unresolved sexual tension between these two gets "resolved".

Technically, these two never mention New Earth again, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE their season 3 conversation in her ready room


about Q's desire to mate with her.

CHAKOTAY: Have you heard anything more from Q?
JANEWAY: No. I wish I could believe he's gone for good.
CHAKOTAY: I was wondering just what just what you meant when you said he made a personal request.
JANEWAY: He wants to mate with me.
JANEWAY: (KJ is temporarily oblivious! ) Obviously, it's out of the question. And I suspect it's a smoke screen. Knowing Q, he's probably got some hidden agenda.
JANEWAY: (KJ stands up and places her hand on his shoulder/chest) Chakotay.
CHAKOTAY: I know I don't have any right to feel this way... but this bothers the hell out of me.
Q: (To Chak) I do believe you're jealous.....

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