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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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If you're having issues with quality, I'd look to your ISP rather than Netflix.
Good point. It is mostly? partly? totally? my ISP (which is, at least, better than the previous one. )
The most common cause of a streaming problem is internet speed. 1.5 mbps is the absolute minimum you want to have, but it won't be stable. 3-4 mbps will get you a more stable feed.

Besides speed, it can be an issue with the stability of the signal, most connections will fluctuate around 1-2 mb, which will be fine, but if they're more substantial than that, it can be bad, cause it to hit an error or rebuffer.

That all might not be completely on your ISP, if you're on a wireless network, that can be part of it too. If at all possible I wire my system into the router directly. A direct wired connection is more stable and has less fluctuations.

If you're having a continuing problem, it's worthwhile to do speed tests, just google speed tests. They're usually inflated, but if you do several over a half hour, they'll tell you if you're having a lot of internet fluctuations.
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