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I buy the ferry scene mostly because you can either take the Joker at his word or die for sure.

I mean does anyone really doubt a psycho killer might kill you anyway? Maybe if you play his game you survive, maybe not, but if you ignore his rules you'll die for sure.

The logical problem is more the logistics of the ferry bombing and the hosptial bombing and so on. Maybe that makes sense, maybe not, I don't greatly care.

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Thus the qualifier in the parenthetical. Otherwise we'd have to start talking about AMERICAN SPLENDOR, which I think is terrific, amongst a number of other comic book movies outside the superhero genre.
True, but 'twas mainly rather then exclusively.

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You'd think the whole "Batman killed cops" thing would've struck people as odd and out of character for the vigilante who worked to "help" the police for a year.
Maybe it did. I mean, public reaction to the end of The Dark Knight is doubtless going to play some sort of element in The Dark Knight Rises. We may get people challenging the story.

But whether or not the public buy the story is irrelevant. It's the official narrative and it's what has formally unleashed the hounds on the Bat.
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