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Quantum Slipstream V.S. Transwarp

My Star Trek sim group has been playing with the idea of pushing the warp technology forward and grappling with one of the other established ideas for higher speed travel.

The question that's come up, time and again, is whether to go with a Quantum Slipstream approach or one more based on the concept of Transwarp (as seen in Star Trek III).

I'm looking for guides and/ or good arguments for one mode of higher speed travel over the other.

My thinking is to go with Transwarp and explain that the Warp 10 Barrier stiil exists but we manage to reach higher speeds prior to hitting it in the following manner. Warp 9.999 becomes Warp 10 (Transwarp 1) and Warp 9.9999 becomes Warp 11 (Transwarp 2) etc.

Thoughts on any of this?
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