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Star Trek Writers Wanted for Pbem!

I hope no one minds that I'm blatantly shopping this board for people who are interested in writing stories in the Star Trek Universe.

Star Trek: Borderlands, a Pbem style RPG is seeking fresh blood to continue a grand tradition of 17yrs of continued service to our members.

We have 7 separate RPG games that operate under the one main banner of Borderlands. Each unit has several committed players who take the depiction of Trek characters very seriously.

I myself have been writing for 3 years, and I know that i"m no where near a veteran with the group.

Star Trek: Borderlands games take place in the early 2400's at the furthest edge of the Delta Quadrant. We're going where only Voyager has gone before!

Here's the website:
and here's the tease.
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