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I was thinking about the movie today and Batman working openly and directly with the police force to the point where he's right there in the police station doing an interrogation didn't quite ring true. I also wondered if something like that would have been ridiculed if it was in a non-Nolan movie.
Scenes like that are often dumb, and in the context of the "Nolan 'Verse" it doesn't hold very true. But they're easy to give a pass to when your movie-maker buys some forgiveness and forget with a good story, characterization, directing and production design.

So it's easier to "forgive" Nolan for the OTT interrogation scene because the movie up to that point, and beyond that point, is really good. He gets a pass. Not because of WHO he is but because what he has done.

If a similar scene was done in, say, "Batman and Robin" a movie that was already filled with shit then, no, people wouldn't forgive the filmmaker because no forgiveness was earned.
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