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Re: a new Western as a TV episodic series? discuss

I would like to see an episodic Western made.

I agree with the opinion below....

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Possible, yes. Too expensive for networks to bother with? Definitely.
I think the show would have to be presented with a multi-generational cast (ala Dallas and Falcon Crest) for it to appeal to a wide audience/make money/get the ratings.

Unfortunately, the days of those type of primetime shows being made (soaps in the examples above) are almost over IMO.

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FX's "Justified" is about as close to an old-fashioned Western as you're going to get right now.
I was going to mention "Justified". Despite the modern slant on the show (and it taking place in fictional Kentucky), I get a "western" vibe from it at times. I like the show.
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