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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

It seemed for a time this season (mainly in the premiere) that the writers were going down the road of sending Dexter into insanity. But (especially with the last episode, featuring Astor) it certainly seems more and more like they're headed in the opposite direction of that, and if it means Quinn must become a moron, the bathroom murder in 5.1 must be forgotten, and everyone must have collective amnesia about the Bay Harbor Butcher, then the writers seem fully willing to make those leaps. Too bad, I say.

DEXTER will always be a watchable series due to the leading actor's performance (and, to a lesser extent, the big guest stars: Keith Carradine, Jimmy Smits, and John Lithgow), but I doubt more and more that it will be remembered as a great series (or, in the very least, a consistently great series). Oh, well. I'll probably keep tuning in until the end, which can't be long now, unless Showtime really wants to drag the show into Oblivion for the sake of ratings (which are still better than ever, no?).
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