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How was the excursion to China ridiculous? I agree that it was definitely Bond influenced but there have been elements of Bond to Batman in the comics. Batman needed to bring Lau back to Gotham. I found it very reasonably depicted and executed except for the automatic plane. I realize this was meant to imply a pre-Batwing existence but still, aside from that I thought it was a great sequence.
If the Batwing had shown up that would have been awesome.
It was inevitable that Ledger's Joker was going to be popular...I'm not sure how inspiring 'a thousand Halloween costumes' makes this a bad Batman film. It's not like Jack Nicolson's Joker didn't inspire it's own myriad of costumes after that version came out.
Yeah, but Nicholson's Joker costume is miles better.
I also don't get how it can be called a terrible Batman movie.
Batman seriously considers giving up the cowl. It's like they got it the wrong way round. If anything, he should be considering giving up Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is the disguise, not Batman.
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