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You know--I never really thought about the parallels between Two-Face and Chigurh until I started writing this post. I'm sure someone else has discussed the possible connection between these two characters, and their movies.
One of my first reactions to "No Country for Old Men" was "aw, this guy is just a Two-Face rip-off". I'm sure the thought occurred to me during the gas station scene. I still liked the movie, though.

One thing that I always notice about Nolan's movies (particularly after watching "Inception" a second time) is how good he is at making everything that happens feel important. He has an excellent command of scope and knows how to do 'epic', which hides narrative weakness very well. I think it's his choices as director with the way he shoots and the cinematography and music that all contribute to this.

I feel that way about "The Dark Knight" as much as "Inception". When I think about it and talk about it, I can analyze and criticize the hell out of the writing with the way too convoluted plot and sometimes unconvincing character beats (I agree that Harvey's transformation comes across as too rushed), but when I watch the movie, the look and sound of it is so captivating, it's easy to overlook or forget whatever storytelling flaws it may have.

The only thing that has consistently bugged me from the beginning visually and intellectually is that sonar stuff at the end, which I found just tedious, ridiculous, unnecessary and way too dragged out. I hate Bale's Batman voice too. Doesn't everyone? Despite the missteps with the Two-Face character, I think his last scene is masterful. His conversation with Gordon and Batman is some intense stuff. I remember the first time I watched the movie it got my heart pounding more than anything else that happened, and I still find it a rivetingly heart-wrenching scene to watch.
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