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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

RESOLUTIONS - 2x25 - 3/5

I have to say, I didn't exactly go into this episode with a positive mindset as I vaguely remember the story and then realised how much romantic fan-fic must have spawned from this. There was also this sense that this episode was not written for me.

But it's not as bad as I thought and I have to admit, a part of me enjoyed this episode. It's certainly nothing amazing, but it was a pleasant 45 minutes and the scenes on Voyager added some actiony excitement to the pedestrian pace being set on the planet.

Amusingly, everyone seemed to be worried about Janeway Janeway Janeway.....CHAKOTAY IS DOWN THERE TOO! Poor guy didn't even get to say a farewell speech thanks to Janeway's mic hogging.

Really loved how much referencing of previous events there were! Do this more often Voyager - it will be to your benefit!

The small amount of insight into Janeway's motivations and her character is welcome and makes me realise we haven't really had much personal development of Janeway. We see her developed as a Captain but not as a person so I am glad they humanised her for once.

However, for an episode called "Resolutions" there isn't much resolution. I am hoping this experience comes up again as it can't be emotionally healthy for Jane and Chak to go back to the way things were (though from memory, I don't think it does so boo)

I was going to give this episode a 2, but the efforts to maintain continuity and the fact it didn't make me cringe helped bump this up to a 3.
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