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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

I've never used BB but a friend of mine did and he did not like the service. Slow turnaround time and he sometimes received discs he didn't even have in his queue. That and no streaming either? That doesn't make it a worthy substitute for Netflix at all IMO.

As for your complaints, I agree with other posters who suggest it may be your local distributor. In the five years I've been with them I had one cracked disc and one "dirty" one I had to clean (but it played fine after). The cracked disc was replaced almost instantly (it came two days after I called it in) and they never asked any questions, they just apologized and asked me to send back the broken disc - now that's service!

I'm on the 2 disc plan and the $1 increase doesn't phase me at all. I spend more on a cup of coffee in Manhattan. However, in your circumstance, I totally get it and hope things balance out for you job-wise.
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