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Re: "Shaping a Cardassian" - characters

With Gul Re'jal's gracious permission...I'll post a fanart of a fanfic.

Just as an FYI--as it turned out, part of the design I did here wasn't quite correct according to the way she imagined it. Where I put a ridge along the top, so that the implants would be used only in a certain way, she said there's a notch along the bottom that serves the same function.

As to what the purpose of these implants'll have to read her story, Shadow of the Order. And if you do, you'll understand why I refer to this drawing as merely the shadow of an outrage, and why this is the only part of the outrage in question that I will depict.

What I will say is this. The larger set of marks shows where the tips of normal fingers would come. The smaller set of marks shows about where the real flesh and bone ends, and the implants begin.

Also...I know the pencil makes them look black, but they should be somewhere in a tan-brown-ochre range, like Cardassian technology.

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