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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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Netflix has the option to "save" new movies too. I did that with several things last year like Moon, which never played anywhere near me.
Yes, it does, but you have to search for the movie to save it, and know what you want ahead of time. Blockbuster has a tab that says "releasing this week", another that's "Releasing next week", and then a "In Theaters" tab. Using the In Theaters one, you could scan through those and save them quickly. Unless I'm doing it wrong, can't find anything similar on Netflix.

Netflix's definition of New Releases pisses me off as well. It defaults to showing a list of anything that's come out in the last couple years, rather than actual new stuff...

So yeah, while netflix is a good service, let's not blow smoke up their ass and pretend they are perfect and everyone else sucks. Blockbuster DID have some better features
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