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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

Dennis wrote: View Post
Nice page. I particularly liked:

The uniforms

Did anyone honestly think they could pull off the original costumes in a way that didn’t look cheap and unbelievable on the big screen?
Yeah I thought they did an amazing job with it. I also lie the way the Kelvin uniforms were like the cage pilot.

itisnotlogical wrote: View Post
I thought it was okay. Definitely not a smasher like First Contact, but not as bad as TMP (which was still kind of okay IMO). Good thing I've built a bomb shelter for whenever I get the urge to post opinions that demonstrate my abilities of reasoning and original thought... I've had to reinforce it since I joined Youtube though
I rewatched TMP yesterday for the first time in years. There's a huge difference in the way the films are paced. I think modern films can miss the longer cenes sometimes (though not as long as tmp)
If anyone thinks star trek xi was too dominated by special effects then watch this film. I also prefer the new Enterprise bridge. It looks dull in tmp its like watching it in black and white.

Ryan8 I agree majel Barrett stayed faithful to Trek throughout everything, but I do think Nimoy would have said if he didn't like the movie. He's always come across very genuine. I've never seen many interviews with Barrett sadly.
Zethram Cochrane wasn't your perfect 24th century human though.
I do think they handled the only ship thing better than other stories still. Especially after vewing TMP again
For parodies check out

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