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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

I liked blockbuster just fine, and didn't have any problems with their mailing service or turnaround time. I even like Blockbuster's interface a lot better. Not so much for recommending things, but for making new releases easier to find (plus put in the queue for stuff coming out next week), and having a list of things in the theater now, so you can mark them for when they come out on dvd later. Blu-ray movies were also included for the same price, and new releases come out a month before Netflix has them. Can also get video games as part of the mailing price. All things in their favor.

On the other hand, it was slightly more expensive. Their biggest advantage was being able to trade in things in the store (and get a store movie free while you wait), but they systematically closed all the stores in my area, making that worthless. Didn't to much for streaming, think it was another couple bucks and not really promoted. Really, closing the stores is what killed it for me. Plus the ease of streaming to my bluray player with Netflix.

Sure, pros and cons to both, but saying either is all that much better is kinda fanboy cheerleading IMO. Or personal experience and small sample sizes. I was a blockbuster customer for about 6 years, got hundreds of movies, and never really had any problems...
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