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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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Sabal was troubled, especially after seeing Saratt, but I am not sure he would go that far. It didn't occur to him. He'd rather want to fix things. Especially with Karama if the communication officer would tell him in the face what he had told Zamarran.
You know...I was actually afraid Sabal overheard that whole exchange.

First and most of all it was an awkward situation for him. He never thought about such a "conversation", it felt strange to him, but he somehow felt like he had to do it. To know his (their) life is not a copy of Saratt+the ship.
And I think the emotions they experienced, as one, proved it. The way I think I understand Trills--and I could be wrong, or different from you--they have to be in harmony and balance with each other. And to see the positive feelings when his thoughts turned to symbiosis, seemed to prove it.

I wonder if he is able to remember back to before the symbiont was ever joined to anyone, if that life feels as real to him as any of the hosts' pre-joining childhoods.
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