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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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I didn't want to say it before, but I'd had this terrible feeling about Sabal, and been worrying that he was going to die, though my fear was suicide.
I remember you wrote your hoped that Sabal wouldn't be found in his quarters on the floor. I thought then--you were so darn close in guessing his fate.

Sabal was troubled, especially after seeing Saratt, but I am not sure he would go that far. It didn't occur to him. He'd rather want to fix things. Especially with Karama if the communication officer would tell him in the face what he had told Zamarran.

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Maybe the Obsidian Order has "bought" someone in the Federation, as crazy as that is. They would love to set this up as an act of racial hatred, undermine the alliance, make it look like the Federation is crazy and cannot be trusted. Personally...I think Kapoor and Brenok are right about what should happen to whoever did this, assuming it's that kind of scenario. Somebody like that should NOT get to go to a resort for a few years and then be done.
Who, why and what's going to happen to that person: you'll see.

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And poor Zabar. To find out that report that was supposed to be made of BS that no one could use, was actually used as a how-to manual for torture...poor thing. I hope that being able to help (I hope) undo it as much as it can be undone will help her to know for sure that she really wasn't ever the type of person who would do this.
She certainly feels bad about it, probably a bit responsible even if her work was supposed to have the opposite effect: not to make it happen.

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At first I was kind of surprised that Asu Ronus was laughing. It seemed so out of step at first...and yet, when I thought about it again, I realized that it ought to prove to him that he does have real harmony and care between host and symbiont, that they both have to be feeling that together. He can now rest assured, I think, that he is NOT to Ronus what the Obsidian Order and that ship are to Saratt.
First and most of all it was an awkward situation for him. He never thought about such a "conversation", it felt strange to him, but he somehow felt like he had to do it. To know his (their) life is not a copy of Saratt+the ship.
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