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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

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There are people on this site who love the film to death, but don't come here because they're sick of the atmosphere created by the obsessive anti-STXI brigade.
Then there are people who like the film but have issues with it who no longer come here. Because they get shouted down by the pro-Trek XI brigade the moment they attempt to talk about the issues.
Then there are people (called moderators) who remind those people (and those other people) that taking broad-brush swipes at (and/or making exaggerated representations about) those people/those other people is not only unnecessary but it gets really tedious for all of those other other people who have heard the whole schmeer from both sides far too many times before and wish they'd just get over it, already.

In short, if you've really got an issue with another poster or group of posters and feel you must talk about it, then use the Notify Moderator button and the PM function--that's what they're there for--and stop crapping up threads with petty sniping. Sure, a drive-by is easier, but you can resist the temptation - I'm sure of it.
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