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Re: DS9 ruined Alexander Rozhenko

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There were hints on TNG that Worf's son Alexander could grow into quite an interesting character in future. But then the writers of DS9 decided to bring him into the show, and, IMO, completely botched the character, turning him into a bungling, Clouseau-type figure who was hopeless at everything and suitable only for derision. I feel that he could have been so much more than the pathetic comedy character we ended up with. How do others feel?
I think the confusion and direction of Alexander made a lot of sense. Worf, from a young age in a strange land, was brought up with younger parents and devoted himself to all things Klingon with a level of dedication that could have rivaled any child on the homeworld-- if anything, his situation carved him into a great warrior and wise, balanced officer.

Alexander's childhood was a little more difficult. Mother, opposed to traditional Klingon values, dies suddenly and horrifically-- with a father casting a HUGE shadow who shuttles him off to Earth to be raised as a human. Caught between worlds and confused, he eventually decides to serve on a Klingon ship, but he is already YEARS behind where the other children would be.

Before Alexander would ever become more like his father, he would undoubtedly go through a very awkward and difficult period of adapting and dealing with the disadvantages of his youth.

I really liked the episode where he serves on the ship with Worf. I always felt like they put a lot of thought into Alexander's dramatic jump in character development.
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