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Re: So I cancelled Netflix today.

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I don't think its the money increase that upsets most, but as new folks come on and netflix gets fancy with the streaming, sometimes the service does suffer. We've had a lot of damaged discs- especially blu-ray, and we've wondered if someone's been in our mail as well.
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That sounds like someone is tampering with your mail.
This past year-to-date I've not had one bad disc, scratched too bad to play or cracked. Not one and I go through a lot of discs. Something does sound suspect here. Do you have a roommate or someone who might want to screw with you?

With an unstable job I can see cancelling Netflix or any WANT. I've nearly stopped getting any monthly comics the last two years, instead waiting on collected editions which can then be found themselves discounted.
It's probably just the distribution center. Granted, not every disc was bad, but it seems like I had more now then before. Some distribution centers for Netflix probably just are better then others. I may decide to go back to it, depending on my financial situation. If I did go back to it, like this month, would they charge me for a whole new month or would that wait until the beginning of the month as usual? Or would it be better to wait until December or something if I decide to return?
As a letter carrier my first thought is that your carrier is stuffing your mail box. Her has to take it out, as a letter and there being so many disc he doesn't want to waste time go to your door and/or leave a notice for it. And he doesn't want to leave it outside the box should someone steal it. If anyone misses a day picking up their mail the next day when he delivers, or even that same day with poorer carriers, crack goes the disc as the box fills up.
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