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Re: Someone who enjoyed Star Trek XI

G2309, don't mistake the constant bitching by a few die-hard TOS fans for any sort of real world trend. STXI was the most popular and successful Star Trek film in over a decade.

A lot of longtime fans here love the movie or at least like it, and everyone should be grateful that it salvaged the franchise. Maybe it won't get Star Trek back on TV where it belongs, but at least we'll have it in some form.

I think they chose exactly the right method of salvaging what was at the time a damaged and ridiculed brand, made a shitload of money, and managed to deliver a good movie that respected Star Trek history reasonably well, though not enough for the haters, but there's no satisfying them. That's a pretty impressive list of accomplishments. So much could have gone so terribly wrong.
First I had my reservations towards the recast issue... but it worked out fine (except for Scotty and Chekov... those were horrible),
I agree that Scotty was a botch but Chekov was okay.
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