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Re: Is Netflix a Rip-off?

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Scout asked if he should go to Redbox....well only if you wanted a very limited selection. If all you care about are the latest DVD releases you'll probably be alright most of the time. If you are a movie junkie then Redbox isn't an option. Just try to find say Galdiator at one, you won't. Obviously that is an example but you see what I'm saying?
Yes, but it's not really an endorsement of Netflix from where I'm sitting. I own a lot of movies, and if it's an older movie or tv show I really care about, I've already got it. I'm not renting Gladiator one way or the other, it's on my shelf.

A lot of what I'm looking for IS newly released. Occasionally I check out some older stuff, but I'm not digging that deep anymore. I've been a blockbuster customer (mail in) since 2004, i think, so i've really dug through most of that.

At this point, netflix is just delivering new releases, but delayed a month. Streaming is nice for digging up older stuff without waiting for the dvd, but not great for new stuff.

Honestly, for me, I'm trying Netflix, and I'll see how it goes, but from a price standpoint, it's probably dumb for me. If I want mostly new stuff, i'm probably better off grabbing them from Redbox, I can't possibly be getting more than 14 movies a month. Really, Netflix is more about convenience, but they're pricing themselves past the point where it's probably worth it for me. Like I said, I've only been a customer of Netflix for just over a month, so annoying that I'm already getting a price increase right after my very first bill.

Not as happy with their online interface as Blockbuster, either, but that's a seperate issue. Blockbuster makes it easy to save movies that aren't out yet, by having categories for movies coming out NEXT week, plus movies in the theater right now. That way, you add them when you hear about them, and a few months later, they show up when released. I find myself using the blockbuster interface to identify what to add to my netflix queue, which is dumb...
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