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Desperado on CBS - modern day Western in San Antonio

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FX's "Justified" is about as close to an old-fashioned Western as you're going to get right now.
Well now CBS decided to go down this road.

Exclu: CBS is developing a neo-Western crime drama from the creator of CSI and a legal drama based on a story by crime novelist Joel Goldman.
First up is Desperado, about a band of lawmen who enact cowboy-style justice on modern-day criminals in San Antonio.
CSI mastermind Anthony Zuiker is the executive producer, with Hitman 2 scribe Kyle Ward writing and executive producing and Matthew Weinberg co-executive producing. CBS TV Studios and Dare to Pass are the production companies.
CBS Develops Modern-Day Western

No casting or timeframe information is available,
With the notable exception of FX’s Justified, few have tried to adapt the down-home feel and shoot first attitude of 50s and 60s shows like Gunsmoke and Wanted: Dead or Alive for 21st century audiences. Justified‘s recent success on cable may have spurred CBS to give it a try on network TV.

Well at least the genre may have a little bit of stuff with horses...
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